1. Age limit for taking Licence is 18 and above.
  2. LLR Valid for 6 months
  3. After 1 Month of LLR, PL can be taken No Renewal LLR FOR P.L. SUNDAY 10.30 am. Only LLR Original + 1 Passport Size Photo
  4. Any one address proof and id proof are required for LLR.
  5. RTO office will remain open 9.am to 5pm through Monday to Friday.



Our formula for two wheeler coaching has earned us a good place. We are proud to say that we have been maitaining a 100 % success rate ever since our driving insitute was established. This comprehensive 30 day course content ensures that each one of our students are benefitted through our unique concept. Not only is the student being taught practical coureses that include the vehicle types, parts, troubleshooting etc, they are also being taught about road safety, rules and regulations of driving, following traffic rules etc in the presence of traffic inspectors who give first hand feedback about the specifics of road safety. We also teach them traffic regulations in different parts of the Chennai city and issue road signs charts and books for ensuring safe driving.

  1. Age limit for taking Licence is 18 and above.
  2. Latest vehicles.
  3. Qualified & experienced instructors.
  4. Lessons on basic Automobile mechanism..
  5. Scientific methods in training
  6. Fuel conservation techniques.

Four Wheeler


Our Classroom Exercises & Simulator drills will speed up the training programme. Our Qualified & Experienced Instructors certainly guide to practice safe driving in order to create the “BEST MOTORISTS”. We have been catering the motoring needs of many of the Multi- National Companies with whom we have corporate tie-up. We impart instructions in DEFENSIVE DRIVING techniques. The course is designed to enable learners with some driving skills and experience; to make themselves competent for the driving license test.

  1. Visual media used to speed up your training programme.
  2. spare parts in 4 wheeler
  3. Lessons on basic Automobile mechanism.
  4. Lessons on handling emergency situations..
  5. Qualified & experienced instructors..